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Contact Me I have loved dolls, history, and the Victorian Era since I was little and can credit my grandmother for that. I was captivated by the dresses and became hooked. I just love to research everything and anything about the Victorian Era. I also love to design Victorian dolls. Handmade dolls were among the many crafts produced by people of the Spanish colonial southwest. This rag doll, possibly dating from , was made by a California Indian woman for the original owner, a Mrs. The doll may be seen as an Indian’s interpretation of Spanish colonial women.

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I am adding Clothing C and Accessory A descriptions as well. He was quickly discontinued in the year the second version was released, but was available for sale in limited quantities until They were already designing a new buddy for Ken. Alan doll’s wedding to Midge. She was discontinued in , but was available for sale through She made a come back in and continues to be a character produced to present.

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Tuthmosis is a Columnist-at-Large at Return of Kings. You can follow him on Twitter. Nothing screams white-girl problems louder than a good old-fashioned eating disorder. Eating disorders have been—quite appropriately—declared a luxury reserved for only the most privileged members of the female race. Her obsession over her body will improve her overall looks. A girl who spends inordinate mental and physical energy on her looks is rarely fat.

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History[ edit ] During the seventeenth-century, figurines of Buddha and other religious figures called “temple nodders” were produced in Asia. The Beatles bobblehead set, [10] which is a valuable collectible today. What finally prompted their resurgence was cheaper manufacturing processes, and the main bobblehead material switched, this time from ceramic to plastic. It was now possible to make bobbleheads in the very limited numbers necessary for them to be viable collectibles.

Post Cereals in particular packaged 22 million mini-bobble heads of MLB players with its cereal before opening day in The National Bobblehead HOF and Museum held a preview exhibit at RedLine Milwaukee from January 7th, through April 30, , [16] which showcased the largest public display of bobbleheads in history.

There is an American Girl doll store in Cool Springs, TN. The hubby and I packed up the 6 and 2-year-old and headed there for a fun field trip. I’m not sure who was more excited me or the girls.

She is nine years old and lives on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Rebecca is also the newest American Girl Doll — its first Jewish historical character, joining Josefina, Addy and Kaya on our multicultural doll shelves. I show my daughter Rebecca’s picture on the front page of the New York Times’ style section. What makes her Jewish? An interesting question, I think to myself. Apparently one that the company was also faced with: Aren’t those the classic Jewish features?

How do Jews retain their unique identity? Jews come in all shapes and sizes and colors.

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Save Your childhood has come back to life for the first time in two years, because American Girl Samantha is back. Samantha was the best American Girl doll. She was the fanciest and had the best dresses and had an elegant but demanding Victorian grandmother instead of boring old parents.

American Girl is an American line of inch (46 cm) dolls released in by Pleasant Company. The dolls portray eight- to eleven-year-old girls of a variety of ethnicities. The dolls portray eight- to eleven-year-old girls of a variety of ethnicities.

Tuesday, April 14, What do the body tag on your doll mean? I was asked a question about a body tag The only time I would use a body tag is to identify whether or not it was an actual American Girl and not just a fake one but anyone can print made for American Girl can’t they? Body tags aren’t a good indicator of much In my years its rarely even brought up. Some people are thinking the numbers on the tag can tell you what doll it belongs to I haven’t really heard much confirmation on this So I did a bit of digging..

Since Mattel’s ownership, each doll has a body tag sewn onto the right side of their body. The text is as follows: While there is a year imprinted on the tags as well, it generally has nothing to do with the doll’s manufacturing most say ” “. The short answer is: Body tags are not an effective way of dating a given doll’s year of production. Dolls from the s including all white body dolls will not have body tags.

American Girl to feature bald doll for kids with cancer

Save Even if you have not watched an episode of Project Runway since Christian Siriano won, you might want to head over to Hulu to check out the episode that aired last night, because the designers made over American Girl dolls, and American Girl dolls will always get our attention. Right about this point in time I find myself saying: Look, you knew Samantha was going to win, right? Samantha has always been the most fashionable of the American Girl dolls, and Kini, the designer with Samantha, won with this posh little red look.

This dress does look like something Kate Middleton would wear, and Kate Middleton has been known to dress like a Samantha doll in the past.

Anyways, Tenney’s information for her third book just leaked out from Amazon! It is called Tenney Shares The Stage and will release on April 25,

After that I only played with them from time to time usually using my little sister as an excuse since she was always begging me to play dolls with her anyway. Now listen when I say this, there is no such thing as being too old to play with dolls. You are never too old to play. And while some may think you look silly you should do what makes your heart happy. If you love playing with dolls then you should continue to play with dolls.

Are you sure that you only got in trouble because of saying you’re not too old for dolls? Are you sure you didn’t raise your voice or use a tone with your mother? If not she is being a bit unreasonable. Maybe she is just concerned about the fact that you are spending all of your money on dolls. Although, my mom has always encouraged the fact that I played with dolls not everybody who I encountered was hip on it.

When my father told me that I was told old for dolls I said and I quote, “Okay, But I won’t have anything to do so I’ll have to move onto boys.

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It is perhaps the oldest plaything. No dolls have been found in prehistoric graves, probably because they were made of such perishable materials as wood and fur or cloth, but a fragment of a Babylonian alabaster doll with movable arms has been recovered. Dolls dating from — bc, carved of flat pieces of wood, geometrically painted, with long, flowing hair made of strings of clay or wood beads, have been found in some Egyptian graves. Some ancient dolls may have had religious meaning, and some authorities often argue that the religious doll preceded the toy.

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Ken Handler Even in , little girls were asking for a boy doll. No boy doll had ever made it in the US. Very few retailers ordered Kens when they first came out in , but consumers wanted all they could get. Initially, Ruth argued for a “bulge” in Ken’s groin, but the design team said no. Ken and Barbie were the same in that respect a social commentary today, but at the time, a simple marketing decision.

So it was that Ruth’s son, Ken, took a lot of teasing for his missing piece of plastic at school. Even as little Kenny went through puberty, Ken the doll got the bulge too. By the time the doll came out, Barbara was in her late teens. She wasn’t interested in dolls, and she wasn’t interested in the attention. The ordeal was painful for her, especially with mom spending most of her time at the office.

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Her father was a doctor , a native of the British West Indies. Her father also supplemented his income as a manager at a nearby vacation resort. Her mother helped him in his practice and encouraged both their children in education. Her brother became a dentist. This realization contributed to her future research of racial identity in black children.

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Knoxville, Tennessee, Ships to: Her clothing is as crisp and mint as when she was new! She has the rare body tag that reads “Made in Germany Her clothing tags are dated She arrives wearing her Meet outfit–magenta shirt, leggings and underpants, long white tailed shirt, black slip-ons, denim vest. One of the shoes has the gold Pleasant Company sticker attached to the sole.

Also included are the hard-to-find accessories matching denim hat, purse with library card, three dollar bills, mini-AG magazine, school lunch ticket, and dog tag necklace. She also arrives with the six booklet set of How to Write an American Girl’s Story with instructions–all unused and in mint condition. Also included but not pictured is the original vinyl stencil to decorate your books. A pack of minigrins and the original hand tag is also included.

AG Doll: Daily Lives of Allison and Cara. S1E1 *FOR MATURE AUDIENCES*