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She also used a fake anime girl voice, she had a following, and it was revealed that it was fake. Videos she made in the past where she used her natural voice were still online, and she disappeared for awhile. I had a real good laugh about it. She also would claim that she was 4’6″ and 76 pounds. The height and weight would change all of the time even though she would post full-body photos next to males in which it was obvious she was not that small. She also claimed to be Indian and Japanese, I believe? And would speak Indian in her videos It was the epitome of cringe. She even went as far as using a voice changer to make her voice sound high-pitched, resulting in her voice sounding robotic.

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Utopia by Fire Inu Princess reviews Hinata has dreamed of becoming a cop since she was ten. Hoping to make a difference in the world for humans and demons. Yet, what is she to do when there is an unsolved case of missing demons, and a con-man, who just happens to be a fox demon enter her life? Well, she tries to solve the case only to learn more about being a cop than what she had thought.

ONE lemony fic rated M at chapter 10 only! What if he’d been found by a certain crimsonette instead?

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Verlisify[ edit ] Furfag YouTuber who is somehow effortlessly able to troll all Smogonfags with his shit opinions, sub-par battling skills and clickbait video titles. It is unclear if he’s a troll or actually as retarded as he seems. Salamence Uber drama[ edit ] Last Thursday, the admins in charge of Smogon decided that they were tired of getting assraped by Salamence in every OU match they attend, and decided to place Salamence from OU to Uber. After this decision, many Smogonfags bawwwwwed and killed themselves after hearing about the decision.

Of course, in hindsight this seems so trivial, as later on the tourneyfags would have their world turned upside down

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You said the most rational things which is exactly how I feel about Logan Paul. The weird thing is that a SuperLogan fan with over K subscribers liked it and started to follow me on Instagram. I called Logan a shithead Or did he record the man already dead? So yeah, the dude decided to just throw money at the issue and his fanbase will consider it as redemption. Thanks for speaking the truth David. Logan donated 1 million! He disrespected Japanese workers, an ancient Japanese Buddhist temple, kept breaking rules and disturbing the peace.

He is so fake and calculated. Suicide is a very sensitive and serious topic, every 40 seconds a person commits suicide. It was a mistake to walk into the forest. It was a mistake to accidentally record it. However, it wasn’t a mistake to send it into editing and upload it. The guy is a scumbag and I can’t believe none of you saw it before hand.

Girls Can’t Play League ft. Poki

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Girls Can’t Play League ft. Poki

10 Things You Should Know About The Dog Lover You’re Dating 10 Things You Wouldn’t Believe Are On Google Maps 10 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong All Your Life.

Emiru Cuts Dyrus’ Hair On Stream **AWKWARD**

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