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Share Form and Use of the Modern Pallium The modern pallium is a circular band about two inches wide, worn about the neck, breast, and shoulders, and having two pendants, one hanging down in front and one behind. The pendants are about two inches wide and twelve inches long, and are weighted with small pieces of lead covered with black silk. The remainder of the pallium is made of white wool, part of which is supplied by two lambs presented annually as a tax by the Lateran Canons Regular to the Chapter of St. John on the feast of St. Agnes, solemnly blessed on the high altar of that church after the pontifical Mass, and then offered to the pope. The ornamentation of the pallium consists of six small black crosses — one each on the breast and back, one on each shoulder, and one on each pendant. The crosses on the breast, back, and left shoulder are provided with a loop for the reception of a gold pin set with a precious stone. The pallium is worn over the chasuble. The use of the pallium is reserved to the pope and archbishops, but the latter may not use it until, on petition they have received the permission of the Holy See. Bishops sometimes receive the pallium as a mark of special favour, but it does not increase their powers or jurisdiction nor give them precedence.

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The grant, which was made to the Lord of Westbrook Manor, Edmund Woodstock who was the king’s brother and Duke of Kent, was for the 9-day fair Westbrook Fair starting on the vigil eve of Whitsuntide. Another fair, for which there is no record of a charter but may have preceded Westbrook, was held in the Manor of Eastbrook in the area around Crown Close. When it became built upon in the 19th century the location of the fair shifted to various sites that had been shared by the Westbrook Fair which included the Market Place, various meadows and the Butts.

Eastbrook Fair was originally held on St Lawrence’s Day 1 with its origins suggesting that it could have been a patronal festival. Once the country became non-Roman Catholic this particular religious connection appears to have ceased. By the mid s the date of the Eastbrook Fair had been changed to Michaelmas 2 to better suit the farming community as the earlier date had resulted in disruptions at harvest time.

Some accounts of the 18th century fair survive and provide an interesting picture of how the fair must have looked at the time. As well as the usual melee of travellers and local people with their stalls there was an established cheese fair. Typical items on sale included lace, gloves, books, gingerbread, sugar plums, soap and knives. Also mentioned in the accounts were bodices and toys. By the late s the fair appears to have been the place to sell horses, sheep and hops, the latter for which the Wey Valley was renowned at the time.

Lawrence was a 3rd-century archdeacon of Rome at a time when Christianity was outlawed. He was put to death by the Romans by being ‘cooked to death on a gridiron’ in SU , claimed to once having been the home of the poet Edmund Spenser — , although the historical facts supporting this claim are currently being disputed Jane Hurst.


Woman used rare poison in curry to kill ex-lover 11 Feb North Hampshire coroner Andrew Bradley heard from histopathologist Asmat Mustajab, who concluded it was “more likely than not” that Mr Greenaway died after coming into contact with the deadly purple flowering plant. He was employed by South African-born Mr Ogilvie Thompson and his wife to maintain the manicured gardens of their sprawling estate in exclusive Upper Froyle near Alton, Hants. The inquest was told that the gardener was thought to have handled the highly-toxic plant, which is a member of the buttercup family of ranunculaceae, while working on the estate.

Liss (previously spelt Lys or Lyss) is a village and civil parish in the East Hampshire district of Hampshire, England, miles ( km) north-east of Petersfield, on the A3 road, on the Hampshire/West Sussex covers 3, acres (14 km²) of semi-rural countryside and lies in the South Downs National Park. Liss railway station is on the Portsmouth Direct Line The village comprises.

The young Rodrigo had not yet definitely chosen his profession when the elevation of his uncle to the papacy opened up new prospects to his ambition. He was adopted into the immediate family of Callixtus and was known henceforward to the Italians as Rodrigo Borgia. Like so many other princely cadets, he was obtruded upon the Church, the question of a clerical vocation being left completely out of consideration.

After conferring several rich benefices on him, his uncle sent him for a short year to study law at the University of Bologna. In , at the age of twenty-five, he was made Cardinal Deacon of St. His official position in the Curia after was that of Vice-Chancellor of the Roman Church , and though many envied him this lucrative office he seems in his long administration of the Papal Chancery to have given general satisfaction.

Even Guicciardini admits that “in him were combined rare prudence and vigilance mature reflection, marvellous power of persuasion, skill and capacity for the conduct of the most difficult affairs”.

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Retired railwaymen and steam fans gathered at Guildford railway station on Farnham Road bridge on Sunday July 9 for the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate Guildford’s engine shed that closed exactly 50 years ago. In his speech to around 40 people who gathered at the pedestrian entrance to the car park, Geoff Burch said – ‘It doesn’t seem that long ago when Pat Kinsella and I departed from here aboard our respective locomotives BR Standard Class 5 Nos and to go light-engines to Salisbury, not forgetting the other drivers and firemen who left here that day.

This occasion was originally an idea of another old steam colleague, Bill Moore, who thought it would be a good idea for a few of us to meet up here and go for a drink afterwards.

Binsted is a village and large civil parish in the East Hampshire district of Hampshire, lies about miles ( km) east of Alton, its nearest parish is one of the largest in northern Hampshire and covers almost 7, acres (2, ha).

In my time I have sold, made, and fitted glasses to a wide variety of people. I have had the pleasure to work in stores as small as one testing room, to stores with as many as five. Each one giving me experiences with a wide range of patients with various visual needs. We are all very creative. We model build, write stories, draw and paint. Then when they are all asleep I let out my inner gamer.

I did my post-graduate training under the watchful eye of John Turner and was among the first of my university class to qualify as an Optometrist in July Optometry is a second career for me, having spent fifteen years as an engineer in the Royal Navy submarine service. Away from the consulting room I am a keen skier and a qualified leader for the Ski Club of Great Britain. This takes me to various ski resorts leading members around the mountains.

I keep fit by playing squash, cycling and regular visits to the gym.

Alton Dating

The earliest evidence of human existence is from the later Bronze Age about BC. The name Ropley is probably Anglo-Saxon, the meaning uncertain. Throughout these centuries it must have been largely self supporting, with transport mostly by foot, by horse or horse drawn carriage for those who could afford it. The village was noted for its fine flowers, which with the soil suitable for horticulture produced a flourishing bee keeping industry.

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Prehistory[ edit ] Flint spearheads, arrowheads, scrapers, flakes and cores dating from Palaeolithic and Mesolithic times have been found. An Irish decorated axe and two bracelets engraved with parallel lines and chevrons have been found, and there are plentiful Bronze Age features on the chalk hangers above the village and at Berry Grove, the Wylds and at Peacewood, Farther Common. Bowl barrows and other Bronze Age features exist at Berry Grove bowl barrow located in the garden, 12 m in diameter and 1.

It is cognate with Cornish ‘Lis’ and Welsh ‘Llys’, both originally meaning a ‘court’ or ‘hall’ and implying a location of importance, probably where the local chieftain dispensed law and collected tax, this referring to the presence of early governmental structures. It also implies that Liss was a place of considerable importance in the area. It appears that the area would have been extensively settled with excavated evidence at Alton, Selbourne etc.

The Liss Archaeological Group have recently uncovered an extensive Roman villa site close to East Liss, with further excavations to be made. It seems unlikely[ citation needed ] that there was any major community on the site of the original or the current villages. However, the comparative remoteness was useful when in the late Saxon at Alfred the Great created an Abbey at Lyss Place under the control of St.

Mary’s Abbey at Winchester as a retreat for nuns. However, Taylor and Taylor [5] do not list St Stephen’s and no fabric is evident. Hopefully future opportunities for specialist archaeological work will clarify the order of construction.

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Prehistory[ edit ] Flint spearheads, arrowheads, scrapers, flakes and cores dating from Palaeolithic and Mesolithic times have been found. An Irish decorated axe and two bracelets engraved with parallel lines and chevrons have been found, and there are plentiful Bronze Age features on the chalk hangers above the village and at Berry Grove, the Wylds and at Peacewood, Farther Common.

Has two large oaks growing on it , the Wylds Bowl Barrow Surrounded by tree ring of dry stone walling, and planted with fir trees. Traces of human and animal hair found in tree trunk coffin burial and at Peacewood, Farther Common An almost circular enclosure on a slight northern slope. Circular barrow Enclosure contains trees.

Saxon Beginnings “There are few spots in England more fertile or more pleasant; and none, I believe, more healthy.” William Cobbett Alton is a thriving country market town in the county of Hampshire on the source of the North Branch of the River Wey.. A Roman road ran from Chichester to Silchester and there is evidence that a Roman posting station existed near Alton where there was a.

In a manuscript written in the s, she claims that Hitler arrived in the city in November in order to stay with his half-brother, Alois, who lived in Upper Stanhope Street. Hitler remained for several months and Robert Payne who recounts the story in The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler speculates that the motive behind his visit was a desire to evade the Austrian authorities, who were hunting him because of his failure to register for military service.

There is no other evidence for this episode in Hitler’s life; Bridget wrote the manuscript when he was at the height of his power and, in the absence of any independent confirmation of the story, the suspicion must be that it was fabricated in order to cash in on her brother-in-law’s fame. Ray, Harrogate, N Yorks. Alan Love, Pidley, Cambs.

Perhaps dreaming of empires? Jane Speare, Alton, Hants. Two golden-coloured lion statues were supposed to mark the house as recently as the s, and the only Italian plane to bomb Britain was said to have dropped its load on Liverpool in an attempt to get the Emperor. What is undoubtedly true, but perhaps of interest only to a minority, is that Michael Bakunin, the noted Russian anarchist, and serious rival to Marx as an international revolutionary in the nineteenth century, passed through Liverpool on his epic escape from Siberia via Vladivostok, Yokohama, San Francisco, New York and London.

He disembarked from a transatlantic liner at Liverpool, and took the train from Lime Street station to London. Dr Moss Madden, Liverpool. The noted hoax-buster Melvin Harris has said that the Bridget History memoirs are a hoax. In connection with another Liverpool hoax, the so-called Jack the Ripper Diary supposedly written by cottonbroker James Maybrick, Harris has written: Before there were many unrelated events that could jog the imagination and set off the idea of a hoax.

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