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Leicaflex to R8 The raw data was supplied courtesy of Leica, by Mr. I’m sure I’m speaking for all Leica enthusiasts in thanking them for their help and generosity in sharing this information. I sorted and edited the raw data into its present form to enhance readability. In some cases notes were added and wording revised for clarity. It’s probably a fair guess that many variations and special models which get collector’s notice, did not get that much notice at the factory, so the serial numbers were just mixed in with the regular production for that model. The reality of it is that the list was not made with all the precision that Leica collectors might like, but then the list wasn’t made by Leica collectors — it was made by people simply trying to get their job done — sometimes at the end of a long day at work. Cameras are sorted by type and serial number. For perhaps the first time, Leica birthdays are also listed, to be more exact the assignment date of the serial block. You know what this means.

Antique and Classic Cameras

Notes on cameras that I have used and enjoyed over the decades — from toy cameras, working classics, and professional units. The last model with that marquee rolled down the assembly line in , an amazing year production span. Of course, there were changes during that time, most notably a change from Made-in-Japan to Made-in-China.

On January 9, , I was invited to a meeting in New York City to see a preview of the brand new Leica M I have been a Leica user for a long time, dating back to the M3 and M4 film days. I also purchased the first digital Leica, the M8, and suffered through many issues with the.

The archive here provides a look into the world of mid-century photography nerds, back in the days before one-hour photo labs or point-and-shoot cameras, when you couldn’t find out your picture was blurry or underexposed until days later, after you had gotten it processed. How to take color portraits: For the Christmas issue, G.

Herbert of New York gave readers some tips on color portraits. Color photography was still the domain of specialists and it was expensive. For color portraits I would suggest that a child be used as your first sitter. The naturalness of the youngster will avoid the forced pose of the usually self-conscious adult. The background should be of a very light blue or gray—either of these tints are good complementaries of flesh tones.

A colored blanket or wall paint of a dead matte finish may also be used.

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If you look closely you can spot differences between it and the original M body, the M3, but you’ll have to have more than a passing knowledge of classic M cameras. The basic size and shape of 35mm M cameras hasn’t changed significantly in the past 60 years; the M-A measures 3 by 5. View All 7 Photos in Gallery The camera is weighty, especially when you consider its size. But its construction is beyond solid.

The top and bottom plates are solid brass, finished in silver or black chrome, depending on your preference.

Compact Cameras. About Leica Compacts Small in stature, huge in performance; Leica C-Lux The Leica M is an extraordinary camera. And it is most often found in the hands of extraordinary people. A lens dating from can be used without hesitation with the latest digital models in the Leica M range. More than ever, the evolution of the.

Nowhere else can you find such dramatic combinations of wildlife and breath- taking scenery. Not only is the potential for outstanding imagery unmatched elsewhere, but the infrastructure of roadways, lodges, campgrounds, and stores makes access and logistics simple. They can tell you where wildflowers are blooming, elk are rutting, and waterfalls are surging, and can provide an up-to-the-minute weather forecast and the exact time of sunrise.

They can inform you about campsites and road closures, too. This will not only inspire you but also help you formulate a shooting plan. Tim Fitzharris Big Bend National Park TX Big Bend offers stunning scenery, gorgeous flora in all seasons, easily approached wildlife roadrunners, coyotes, songbirds , pleasant weather, and no crowds except during holidays.

Its varied terrain includes the rugged Chisos Mountains soaring to nearly 8, feet, expanses of cactus and creosote-studded Chihuahua desert spread over tilting planes, and dark canyons of the Rio Grande. Photographers neglect it only because of its isolated location in southern Texas. Chisos Mountains with iconic agave in the foreground. This strawberry cactus bouquet was grabbed in the shade of a white umbrella that diffused harsh desert light, resulting in rich color.

Antique and Classic Cameras

He has done more than anyone else to ensure the preservation of colour images from the early days of railway colour photography. His book contains a colour portrait of the wonderful chap. Died 11 June aged Early user of colour film. Whitehouse took up railway photography in the s, but soon abandoned the traditional three-quarters front view of the passing train and began to favour the ‘pictorial’ shot, in which setting was as important as the subject.

Encouraged by ‘Cam’ Camwell he also photographed what were then considered unusual subjects:

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Guide to Real Photo Postcards This guide is meant to aid the collector in identifying and dating real photo postcards, and to act as a reminder that it is impossible to do so with great accuracy. Although real photo postcards were made in a variety of ways, they hold one identifiable feature in common. The tonalities of photos are completely continuous to the eye producing true greys, for they are created by the reaction of individual photosensitive molecules to light rather than the transfer of ink from a plate.

In printed images the grey areas are usually made up of black marks that are spaced to create the optical illusion of greys. Though most of us today are familiar with the concept of photo grain, this is mostly because we have experienced very large prints made from small 35mm negatives. But even here the effect is more of a softening of detail than a observable texture.

Early real photo postcards are small by their very nature and since most were contact printed, not enlarged, there is no visible texture. Collotypes, which provide the finest detail of all printing methods are sometimes confused with real photo postcards. But even collotypes will exhibit a discernible grain when magnified. And of course any image that contain a regularly patterned series of dots is not a photograph at all but a ink printed image.

Some halftone cards were printed on high gloss paper to resemble a photograph but their screen patterns will give them away if one is vigilant. Most old photo papers used silver in their emulsions. As time passes this silver tends to migrate to the surface of the print creating tell-tale metallic patches.

More WW2 Era US Army Signal Corps Leica Camera’s

The opinions expressed in the comment section are the personal views of the commenters. Comments are moderated, so please keep it civil. Awesome story, what a brave, honourable family. They will surely hear G-d say. Thanks for bringing this story to us.

Leica lenses can and do vary widely in price depending on exact condition, serial # and pedigree. Pricing was gathered from sales on , RFF, ebay auctions, .

I have said, in the past, that you should move toward full frame sensors. I have always championed full frame sensors. At the end of the day, full frame sensors beat APS sized and smaller sensors. The whole reason I bought an original x was because it had the largest sensor I could find in a small camera. It had been a number of years since I had shot an APS crop frame sensor. I replaced that with a Nikon D3 full frame and then moved on to the Canon 5d2, also full frame. Full frame cameras are better.

I started shooting personal work with my little Fuji. Then I pulled it out on jobs from time to time because I loved that little camera.


No Comments We reached out to the individual behind this post to get the story. For the sky-high prices they often come at, their durability, and the quality of the images they produce, Leica cameras are among the most coveted gear among photographers. Sadly, many of these were damaged in a fire in He shared in detail: He used this container to put a lot of things in: All things were locked and safe inside the containers.

Welcome to. and. Photography. This section discusses the photographic aspects of the “Canalscape” and “Diarama” websites and eBooks as well as photography in general.

Are Your Lenses Really “Hot”?!! Industar 61 lens lanthanum glass Lens Faults Pages Photo. Net on Radioactive Lenses gamma levels.. Radioactive Pentax Lens GM tube sound file.. Govt Surplus “Hot” Cameras and Lenses You will find two kinds of radioactive lenses – those that were contaminated and sold as government surplus, and those that are naturally “hot” or radioactive due to the radioactive elements or radioactive impurities used in their manufacture.

If you want to buy some slightly radioactive lenses and cameras, the U. Government has a lot of them for sale – cheap!. Maybe some of those bargains you got on EBAY are “hot” in a different sense than you might have thought! I am assuming that heavily contaminated and radioactive government surplus items end up in government low level radioactive waste land-fills or other burial sites. So if your government surplus bargain camera or lens is contaminated, it is probably only “lightly” contaminated.

That’s good news, I guess? Our main focus here is not on contaminated lenses or cameras, but on naturally radioactive or “hot” lenses due to the materials used in their manufacture.

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